Monday, March 17, 2008


The concept of the fourfold goddess- and the inspiration for this poem- come from Pashta MaryMoon, my friend and teacher. I miss Pashta and the circle of amazing women she brought together every week in her home in Victoria.


A single point, a fragile spark
spinning, splits into two
weaving, two becomes four
as mundane and extraordinary as the beginning
of life herself

One, Maiden of sweet potential
Dream under the dancing stars
You sweat across continents, but
your real journey is an inward one
searching for clues to the enigma
of who you are

Now, Mother of ripe anarchy
What is this reality you have birthed
to shake the moon and query the sun
to tear meaning from the subtle caves
of the earth’s body?
You have brought this here, but
you do not claim it as your own

Here, Crone of sharp justice
You take note of what we have made
and shake your head—
Where there is growth
there is always decay, beneath
And where we birth our ideas
there is needless destruction

And still, Midwife of in-between places
What we take you restore
our accomplishments null
despite the richness of our gardens
and the glint of our stashes
We keep nothing
for all that is born, you bridge
with the vast infinity of the midnight sky-cloak,
and with the sweet silent earth

Sweet as molten metal
four meld into two
searing, two become one
an exquisite extinction

Rachel Westfall
March 17, 2008


Pashta said...

Pashta here: Artemesia, this poem grasps an understanding of the 4-fold goddess that goes beyond the standard imagery. I love the imagery that you use - especially that of the Midwife, but then you know She is my favourite! All blessings!

RachelW said...

Thank you, Pashta! This means a whole lot to me, coming from you. I'm so glad you enjoyed Her!

mike grieco said...

2 wise women...2 wise 4 me ;)

RachelW said...

Mike, I think Pashta is the only wise womyn here! I'm just a wanna-be wise womyn. ;)