Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Human II

Acrid scent, salt tang, peach skin, rough talk,
cool surface, molten core, hard words, gentle eyes

Real beyond potential,
master of contradictions

Split me open with a word,
enfold me with your gaze

Molten scent, peach tang, cool skin, hard talk,
gentle surface, acrid core, rough words, salt eyes

Sweet spirit of my undoing
patient weaver of my remaking

Push me under with a whisper,
draw me into you

Rachel Westfall
March 19, 2008


Gabriel said...

I like the poem but do you think you could write one about grape hubba-bubba?

RachelW said...

Okay Milena. Nice alter ego, but your IP address gave you away. ;)

RachelW said...

Hey Gabriel/Milena, how about a nice Haiku?

Play the piano
With a big sticky bubble
Grape Hubba-Bubba

Just for you :)

Gabriel said...

Stinky gooey glob
Guar gum saliva and dirt
Still some flavour left

RachelW said...

Ah Gabriel, you are a genius. You should start a blog of your own.

DragonFly24 said...

I read "Hubba hubba"... And wondered what the heck grape hubba hubba is... LOL

Love the haikus!

DragonFly24 said...

This poem is one of my favorites of yours. It has that razor balance being in love has.

Love and love.

RachelW said...

Thanks Dragonfly... as for the hubba-bubba, there are some things I think you're better off not exploring!