Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Is this the alternative to the mind-numbing monotony of the suburban routine of the same mumbled words of non-communication the same stale packaged breakfast the same rustling paper the same dry breath the same bland nothings the same slow deaths the same insignificant day over and over again?

Have we escaped the vast emptiness the sticky trap the bored tired twisted sheets the fumbled night sex the whining kids the plump dusty pillows if only the pillows are content that nothing ever changes?

Does this insanity lend us fresh new lives new deep meanings new split landscapes new ragged skyscapes new significant battles new brilliant energy new dignity new reasons to be alive?

Shall we enter this reality this endless marathon this sparkly illusion this slow daydream this blinding drugged pain this cold-sweat nightmare this mad innovative way of cheating banality?

Shall I go first?

Rachel Westfall
March 11, 2008

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