Saturday, March 15, 2008

A love letter

The kids are playing monopoly on the floor beside me and a cat is walking over my keyboard; it's a beautiful sunny, cold Saturday and we should really be outside right now. Since I can't write something new with all this rowling distraction, I've dug an older poem out of my files to post here. It always brings up a confused ball of emotion in me to read poems I wrote in the past. It takes me right back to what I was experiencing at the time.

A love letter

Little one
Fuzzy head, soft cheek
You cannot be
You have no right
No right to be
Mother death has taken you

Nameless one
Chubby legs, navel deep
No milky smell
To waft from warm, dark head
While sister’s arms
Cradle you

Soft one
Little head, downy cheek
You are gone
Erased by mother night
Your existence
Null and void

Blameless one
Tiny smile, fingers seek
Nobody asked me
Nobody asked you
If our hearts held enough love
For one another

Rachel Westfall
January 10, 2003

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