Friday, March 28, 2008

A room of her own

This room has a place for everything:
Here is a box for friends
their synthetic softness
to generations of dust mites
[Their colony
makes such
a soft bed for a cat]

Yes, this room has Cats-
a prowling, purring, hissing
fur-choked infestation of them

And there is a drawer for possessions:
special things, secrets
objects with lives
realities of their own

There is also a place for things
she wishes she didn’t have:
a secret cupboard
[for thoughts that sting,
words that
like rusted knives,
hurts that lash out when remembered]

There is a place for things she must keep
moments she fears losing
sure she’ll never find them again scattered
like light through a crystal
in pieces, spinning across the floor

And here is
a warm cove, perfect place
on the quilt for
a cat
to spend the night
generating rolling, soothing sounds that
phantom threats
and there is a home beside the pillow
for something, anything to hug
to keep panic at bay

This room has a place for everything

Rachel Westfall
March 28, 2008


DragonFly24 said...

Ah, Rachel.

This is an absolutely beautiful treasure.

Thank you! I needed it's soothing comfort this morning.


RachelW said...

Thank you, Dragonfly! What a joy to have you visit here... :)