Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What I need

I was looking at some of the poems I wrote a few years ago, and I found this one. It describes a vision I had 4 years ago about how I wanted my life to be, and it's actually a pretty accurate description of how life is now. Except for Grandmother spider. She is sleeping under the snowbank still.

What do I need?

To sit in the dark
With only a pale candle burning
Watching the moon rise
Through my own kitchen window

The cats asleep
And a friend, not far
To share the moment with
If we wish

A book in my lap,
Though I gaze beyond the pages
While a mug of tea steams
On the wood table before me

My children’s soft breath
On my neck as we sleep
Our bodies curled warm
Against the nighttime chill

The sunrise in the morning,
Touching dew on the grass
And the Grandmother’s web
Ready for insects, now beginning to stir

Fruits of the earth,
Prepared in simple ways
Their comfort smells greeting us
As we birth ourselves into the day

Rachel Westfall
August 27, 2004

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