Monday, April 7, 2008


take a slice of childhood
and serve it,
sunny side up
on toast

look! fresh fluffy snow
covers icy crusted flakes
of partly melted
many times refrozen

slide, shape,
roll in it
toss handfuls in the air
and watch it come back down,
clumping now
but watch out
for the razors of ice

don't worry
steel jaws come speeding
spitting sparks
in their hurry to
the memory of winter
for the glory of the SUVs and
their nylon-legginged
foolish-booted drivers

better race to Starbucks
or is it Timmy’s
and get your fix before
the snow
and perverts your intention
to get to work
on time
on time
on time
or at all

Rachel Westfall
April 7, 2008


Mike-mike said...

i will pass on the toast
Let it snow
let it snow
one less environment
eating machine
one less car
one more bike
leg power, natural power
let it snow
careful out their
let's ride the hill
gotta ride
gotta slide
Ciao ;)

RachelW said...

one of these days
you will have to
start a blog of your own
a silly blog
full of poems
not rhyming poems
but lovely nonetheless

and one of these days,
maybe you will grow
a zucchini or two,
maybe a whole garden
of ripe delicious squashes
with plump fertile seeds
and gourds, you can shake
and rattle, and you can
take glorious colourful pictures
of your squashes
to decorate your blog with

yes one of these days,
maybe you'll even walk
(drive?) into Starbucks
no longer afraid to be seen
selling out to mass market

yes one of these days

Mike-mike said...

One of these days i just might walk into Starbucks or heck even Mc Pukes and use the toilet.
Maybe one of these days. Maybe not.

I almost had my Zuccini and nuts (from my peach) squashed this morning riding to work by some SOBeeezzz
Hah, it did not happen
Gotta go
Bella ;)

RachelW said...

Glad you are safe from the wild-driving SOBeez and McMurders for another day. Now I'm sure you've taken your gorgeous peach nuts back to work, eh? ;) xox