Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Outside in

There is only
one time in your life when you are allowed
to sit in your garden, bare
from the waist down except for a string of beads,
luxuriating in the raw feeling of
fresh earth on your bottom

Too bad it happens so early
and ends so quickly

If you do this when you get old,
someone would lock you up, saying perhaps
that Summer has afflicted your mind with her aroma
leaving you foolish

I look forward
to remembering this one sit in the garden knowing
inner peace,
modesty beads intact

Rachel Westfall
April 16, 2008


Kyddryn said...

Hmm...I know how you can sit bare bottomed in the lovely earth, beads or no - but you'll have to come to Ohio in June...

I tells ya, when I win that bazillion doallar lottery, I am fencing in a million acres and it'll be clothing optional for all!

Love the picture. :-)

RachelW said...

Ahhhh.... yep, I shall also be setting aside a million acres when I win my bazillions, most for the wild creatures and a few bits to share with them, allowing young and old to go bare in summer...

mike-mike said...

Beautiful, sweet 'Angel'
Blissful-she is
Truly Blissful
this sweet 'Angel'
a gift, she is
a gift for this earth
a gift truly needed
a gift of hope
peaceful 'Angel'

RachelW said...

mike-mike: yes, she is a gift, I think so too-- thank you for your words!

Woman in a Window said...

Oh, here it is, the beauty. Wonderful you. That liberation. I'd love to do it daily though, this sit and pause.

Karen said...

" remembering
this one sit in the garden knowing
inner peace,
modesty beads intact."

I love it. Preserve your memories!