Monday, April 14, 2008

she can fix what is broken

her mind full of images
she picks
her way through the crowds
down to the water to paint

everything she owns
she carries everything
with her
in a shopping cart

the rare kind, Zeller’s
with four wheels

is organized
into logical categories
treasures she found along the way slung
across the top

she takes up more space than we are each
allotted on this busy sidewalk
she moves more slowly
than the mutual panic around her, forcing
the flow of bodies to split and rejoin

so she is invisible to most

those who can see her cross
the street
to join her

the pigeons follow her, the gulls
talking amongst themselves in the smooth
language of the sea

they know she has the best stories

but she has no time for chatter
no time

mind full of images
she is on a mission
to paint away the ugliness
the pain

she is going to make something beautiful

Rachel Westfall
April 14, 2008

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