Thursday, April 24, 2008

She found her voice


It was a recurring dream she had,
where he called her on the phone to tell her
he was falling in love with another woman,
over the phone, in love with a
phantom woman, just a voice. She wanted
to ask him the colour of the other woman’s
hair but her voice caught in her throat
and she dropped the phone hard
three times. Picked it up and said
you still there? He was still talking
as if nothing had happened,
because who was she but a
sympathetic ear, and maybe he had never
loved her anyway. He certainly
never said it. She wondered, maybe she
was a convenience, a door-stopper
between passions, or a
last choice


Another time, not a dream now
he told her
she was mentally
unbalanced, he wanted
to free her to do what
she wanted in life, he would
take the kids and raise them,
he would be free to date
Fool, she thought.
She told him
in no uncertain words
where he could shove
his idea.
He could
put her down, screw around
but NO WAY was he taking
her children
and what the hell did he
know about raising them
anyway? Who has time to date?

Rachel Westfall
April 24, 2008


Kyddryn said...

It is a recurring dream I have...Tall Man, Strong Man, standing behind me, holding me close but gentle, snug but free to fly away. He smells of the woods, and smoke, and himself. He is warm, firm, comfortable. He is baritone to my alto, harmony to my melody, melody for me to harmonize.

I don't know who he is...but he is not the man I married.

Dreams cut deep, sometimes, whether in the dreaming or the waking.

I recognize the sister in the second part. Time to date? Perhaps he should speak to my mother (who raised two children alone), about time to date. Hah!!

RachelW said...

Dreams, especially recurring ones, seem to be one of the ways we explore our needs, fears and anxieties, bringing them out of the subconscious mind and into the forefront. What do you think are the key messages in your dream? Is it being loved, being held? Or is it that the man is not who you married?

Our sister's situation has me wanting to kick some serious butt. Or at least give the fella a good hard shake.

RachelW said...

Who was visitor number 666?
Pity I missed him/her.

Kyddryn said...

Come by and fetch me on the way and I'll help with the arse-kicking; I have some new Crocs to break in...

Shade and Sweetwater,