Sunday, March 29, 2009

why I am late

on my way to school, the sky
broke open
dropping shards of colour
dangerously like
shattered glass

I ran to take cover
the school
but there were thousands
of confused earthworms, lost
in the refraction in the middle
of the sidewalk
each one
to be gently coaxed
back onto the
safe soft earth

Rachel Westfall
April 18, 2008

Brought forward. Thanks, Vevay, for reminding me.


Mike grieco said...

One 'soul' helping the lives of another.
You are wonderful.
Have a lovely Day!


RachelW said...

Each worm saved is another moment of class-time missed... no wonder I'm so ignorant of the facts.

SarahA said...

And the worms could represent people, yes? Lovely, you. Just lovely.

Faith said...

I love this. During recess my children often spent half the spring time saving worms! Misunderstood by friends at times, but happy.

Woman in a Window said...

Do you know, I have seen worms confused. Is it real, or is it just me imagining it to be?

christopher said...

What The Rain Can Do

I live so lightly
on the planet that stepping
into dreams is just
what I do. I breathe
and go somewhere else where rain
turns into mirrors
reflecting the truth,
calling me out of myself.
I become a mage.

Karen said...

Saving worms, fighting when the boys tied a beetle to a string or salted a slug. Been a long time, but I have grandsons now. Will I have to fight again?

Cynthia said...

Surreal and sweetly loving.

Worm from earth said...

"Late"- you are not. You are light-years ahead of most of us on this place called 'Earth'.

From water comes life. Thanks for saving who you can.

Crafty Green Poet said...

dangerous shards of colour falling from the sky - excellent image, time well spent rescuing the worms...

nollyposh said...

awwwhhhhhh X:-)

Lirio said...

aww rachel
just lovely
just lovely

RachelW said...

Sarah, I suppose they could... but more importantly, they are worms. Worms. :)

Faith, you and me alike!

Erin, I have seen them confused too, but usually because something is blocking their path. They seem confused when I steer them in a direction not of their own choosing, like onto the grass when they are headed down miles of sidewalk, straight down the middle. Stubborn worms!

Christopher, I am delighted by the brightness of your creative spark. You inspire me!

Karen, maybe this time you will teach, instead of fighting. I have taught my kids to be creature rescuers, too. :) And they have fought with other kids who have been cruel. My son had a huge fight with a much older boy once, over the issue of tent caterpillars, and whether or not it is okay to crush them.

Cynthia, Nolly, Lirio, Crafty, thank you all! You encourage me...

Worm from the earth, is it too late to save you? May I wrap you safe in my moist fingers and carry you to the garden, where you can dig a glorious new nest in the peat?

Worm from earth said...

Yes, "too late"--too dam late. Hah! But hey, I will make great compost for the other worms; give something back to the earth for a change; instead of taking all the time.

Thanks just the same...

Vevay Anderson said...

You're welcome! I rescued a few worms from my driveway Sunday, and thought of you!

RachelW said...

Worm, I may be able to save you from the sidewalk, but only you can save you from yourself.

Vevay, yay for worms!!