Monday, April 28, 2008


on a board her skin hung
not listening
while people argued about
what was to be done with her

she didn’t care, anymore
She was Done. Literally.
done with pain, fear

the part of her that listened
had flown when the man
came to pull her from the stinging metal hurt,
to steal her soft winter pelt that had
been so loved, tended by her mother,
her lover, layered deep fur that had warmed
and comforted pups

and that man had tossed her body in
the woods for her relatives to eat

she would laugh if she heard
these people
talk about honour and respect while
her skin was nailed here, shoved
behind a table, limbs spread-eagle
eyes forced wide with lifeless glass

she would laugh, her deep
voice rising

then her own people would hear, and they would
come, at first one, then two
then twelve, and thirteen they would be again
running long
breathing the intricate tangle
of scents in the night air
weaving with shadows
through the trees

they would run

Rachel Westfall
April 28, 2008


Kyddryn said...

Although I've done a small amount of work with hides and a few rabbit furs, I've always thought they looked better on the critter than they did on us.

It is one thing to take for survival, honoring the one we harvest by using all we can and giving thanks for the taking...quite another to take for decoration what another need for life.

Damn foolish humans.

Mike grieco said...

The Wolves will unite. Again,to sing the songs of Love and Freedom.
Love and Freedom that cannot ever again be taken away from them!

*Praise the Wolves*

Mike grieco said...

Hi Kyddryn,
You said "It is one thing to take for survival, honoring the one we harvest by using all we can and giving thanks for the taking"...
"harvest"? You means kill, right?
Also why give "thanks" for taking ones life? I mean they (animals) never gave themselves to anyone.
Their life was taken from them. "Their" Life!
Do those who take the life of these animals show grief for the ones who's calls/cries go unanswered? Unanswered from their loved ones who's life was "taken".
Live and Let Live.

RachelW said...

I'm sad about the wolf. He/she did not choose to be killed, skinned and have his/her pelt hung on the wall, with fake eyes, fake mouth, fake pose. Who would? His/her life was stolen.

It was pretty horrible to see him/her staring at me with glass eyes in the hallway last night. I can't look straight on at carnage like that.