Monday, May 5, 2008


Let me draw your attention to
the fine vertical line
I have drawn down the centre of
this chalkboard, green paint
slowly starting to peel
on the corners, particles
of white dust floating
through the false fluorescent air and
our voices dry.

As you can see, this
line divides the room
in two. Observe

whether you are sitting on
the left or right side
of the room. If you are
exactly in the centre as if
the line would pass
through your body, you
must choose
a side. You cannot;

You cannot belong
to both.

Rachel Westfall
May 5, 2008


mike-mike said...

Hey!! Snap out of it!
What room? Where?
What is this line?
What side? Who's side?
What, were, when?
Why not choose both sides?
Why not belong both sides?
WHY, i ask?
Now i am seeing things, too
Hey, snap out of it
Ciao, ciao ;)

RachelW said...

It's a classroom; one of those ramp-style lecture theatres. The prof is trying to make some sort of point. Pointless, I suppose. Don't ask me why these sorts of things pop up in my head. I'm just housecleaning by passing it on to you.