Sunday, May 4, 2008

Urban development is good for children

Sure it is.

After all, the woods are a dangerous place, home to mysterious child-eating witches and frightening, sharp-fanged wild animals that make strange noises and move stealthily through the trees at night. Children go off into the woods and are never seen again. Right?

A few years in the woods can transform a child into a wild being unrecognizable even to her own parents. Imagine your own child going into the trees and coming back years later as something.... transformed. Something unknowable.

Besides, a child could be walking down a trail and trip over a root, or hit her head on a branch, and never be the same again.

Best eliminate the very possibility of such a tragedy. Best flatten everything and pave it over. Who wouldn't want to reduce the fear of the unknown and tame the environment in which their children live?

And this beast of human construction, so gently cradling a little one in its huge mouth, would never eat a child, right?



Kyddryn said...

I will have you know that I never once lurked in the woods and ate a child. I might have been tempted to lure a fella in there for some...erm...fine dining...but never a child!!

It is awful, what's happening...I wish it would stop. Children need to get their minerals from the food they eat, not the air they breath.

Shade and Sweetwater,

RachelW said...

Yeah, I haven't eaten any kiddies either, though I do like to lurk in the woods. Or hang out. Or whatever you want to call it. Good point about breathing minerals-- the air is like junk food these days.