Saturday, May 3, 2008

When realities collide

On the riverbank, denuded
of forest

life continued as usual in Antopolis
just a foot or two away from the
fresh destruction
sand piles
and heavy machinery

The residents of Antopolis, part red, part black
commuted as usual up and down their
chewed log, staying politely in their lanes
except for the occasional wobble
into oncoming traffic, a deviation

which always brought about much scolding
and antenna-wagging
from the neighbours

because small errors like this
can be seen and corrected, while human-sized
are unfathomable

and what we cannot name
must not

Rachel Westfall
May 3, 2008


Kyddryn said...

I do love to watch the ants go about their lives, seemingly unaware of my giant self observing them. I think they know they can go under, over, or around what we do, and will endure after we've given up.

Shade and Sweetwater,

RachelW said...

You're right, Kyddryn; they will certainly be here when we are long gone. And they will help to break down what we have built by meticulously dismantling our buildings, roads and sidewalks, grain by grain.

mike-mike said...

First-it was the Reptile Age
Then-it was the Human Age
And then-finaly then-the Insect Age
And hopefully all other nonhuman creatures
And then time to celebrate!!

RachelW said...

One day, Antopolis may be the closest thing to a capital city this world will have. As for the celebration, one thing I know for sure is we silly humans won't be at the party.