Monday, June 9, 2008


Someone walked on my
grave today, smashing
the trees. Harsh lumps of

concrete crushed thin soil

and soft fronds of vegetation.
The chickadees are not
pleased. You only turn

ninety-one once, and I’m

tired to the bone. Some
day this ancient story
has to find its ending, leaving

strands of coloured thread
among the branches, each one

a prayer.

Rachel Westfall
June 9, 2008


mikke-mike said...

Today is your BIRTHDAY!!!
Happy, Happy and many, many more healthy years. You are a gift for this ever changing world, a gift to all.

Happy Birhday, Beautiful!! ;)

Hope you had a Lovely Day!

RachelW said...

Thanks for making it a fun-filled, snow-packed day! And for the birthday wishes :)