Friday, June 13, 2008

Late night movie

I fell asleep thinking of
how my children will now
have to process a surprise
image of a smashed glass inciting
an angry mob, a burned
village in Romania and
a dead cherished one

and how my littlest one said as she
prepared to go to sleep, hot water
bottle under her chest, that she
never wants to live in a country

where Gypsies are, until I told her
Gypsies are here, everywhere,

we are Gypsies, and she went to

sleep clinging to the hope/
the story that we are safe
here, our laws protect us
from racist violence

and how the older one said these
things don’t happen any more
these days, do they? And how I
broke his peace when I told him

about the ashes still
smoldering in Italy

Rachel Westfall
June 13, 2008

-> Rom News Network
-> Petrol bombing outside Naples
-> The movie (Gadjo Dilo)


Kyddryn said...

But we may hope...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K, who knows the need to wander and the furtive caution of a soul on the road...

RachelW said...

Where does hope take the child who has lost her home, or even her family to racist violence?

Poetikat said...

Have you seen any of Emir Kusturica's films? I'm thinking particularly of "Time of the Gypsies", but all of them are good.