Thursday, July 24, 2008


this is Miranda

she is forty-something, short,
and looks nothing like
her photograph

nothing at all

there‘s a number you can call,
you’ll find it at the top of your screen

for just $3.99 a minute
she will tell you whatever you want to hear,
nothing more,
nothing less

Miranda is for sale
by the minute. it is a simple thing
to get what you pay for
a simple transaction
money for action

nothing left to chance

but the voice at the other end
of the line

[all in a day’s work]

as the shadows grow long
Miranda will go home,
suck on a cigarette
strangle her pillow
and cry herself to sleep

for tomorrow is another day
and this one is done.

Rachel Westfall
July 24, 2008


Guess who?? said...

Never mind "1-888-for-sex", call 456-&*#@ i am home today!! Call me(i am real--genuine!). Call me, please. And then we could meet in Real Life. And then, who knows what will happen? Only we will know.

Call me today because tomorrow does not yet exist. Only yesterday And today are me, please.

I will speak only the truth, nothing more, nothing less, no BS, no money needed-- only the truth--i am real--genuine!

Call me, beautiful ;)

Ciao for now


RachelW said...

Are you really at home? Or was that Just A Recording on the other end of the line? And which of the truths you spoke is the Truth; which are red herrings?

I'll call you, gorgeous, and take my chances on the phone bill. ;)

mike mike said...

I only speak one truth. Which truth do you speak of? EhH?


RachelW said...

The truth of your heart...