Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the colour of grief


Kyddryn said...

Poor little ones, so in the moment but so attached to what they know should be, what was but isn't.

Who was it called nature " in tooth and claw..."? She most definitely can be.

Don't take their grief for your own, love - they will forget, as small creatures do, and move on in a way humans cannot. Blessed with now-mindedness we are not.

Beautiful photograph.

Shade and Sweetwater,

RachelW said...

The swallows have moved on to rebuild their nest, inside my porch now, instead of on the outside. I have wrapped the post with tin, in case it was a squirrel climbed up and liberated them of their young. It is a sad thing, as they had used that nest successfully for the past two summers. But you are right; they know what to do next. They grieve and move on. I wish it was so easy for me.

mike-g said...

Grief is the price ALL species must pay at some point in time--at some point in our lives--There Are No exceptions--A Emotional loss is a price We All Must Pay.

I too feel sad for their loss--the next generation perhaps.

Kyddryn is correct--they are "blessed" with a gift far beyond are awareness, these little angels.

Grieve, yes. But time to let go ;)


mike-mike said...

Grief is the price we pay when we feel the loss of another.

Send them *Love & Light*--they will again be fine. Like Bela would say; "just fine"..:)

Journey-on little birds. Journey-on. Rise high, beyond the 'angels'.

RachelW said...

I think two families of swallows may be nesting now... one in the old nest, and the pair who lost their babies are building a new one. If all goes well, soon my porch will be inundated with swallows!