Wednesday, July 23, 2008


if something grey fluttered by,
would you call it moth or sparrow?

witness the metamorphosis,
and you may learn your own true name


mike g said...

Veggie girl to bat girl. We all have another creature side to our visible side (human side).

And who are you???

Right now I must transform myself into an ambitious creature to go to work (some of "us" must work, you know).

Have a 'wild-side' day ;)

Ahh Wolffff....

devilsivy said...

Riddle, riddle! Oracular and ephemeral -- paradoxically very satisfying.

RachelW said...

Who am I? I think right know I must be some creature who burrows in the deep mud, searching for peace, stillness and sensory deprivation. I am an earthworm, or perhaps a little garden slug. Whatever I am, going to work is not on my agenda. Not for a few days at least! ;)