Tuesday, July 29, 2008

feline night thoughts

The cat’s jaw clicks steadily as he sleeps,
his tongue pressing mechanically
against his palate. I wonder

if he’s dreaming of his mother
and the life-milk she fed him,
or of a bird, his typical waking-jaw-clack
muted by his curled posture.

His toes are long, like fingers,
strong and elegant; so useful
for tipping water-glasses
so the fluid runs curiously
out across the table and onto the floor.

His tail curls across his nose
and for once, he is still.

Rachel Westfall
July 29, 2008


Kyddryn said...

Sometimes when she sleeps, one of my cats (she is as much my cat as I am her human) will pluck cotton on my arm and purr. I do adore the wee beasties and their sweet, wild ways.

Poetikat said...

When Red falls asleep on his own he wakes up in the middle of the night and starts wailing, as if he thought he'd been abandoned. We have to call out to him to come into our bedroom so we can console the poor guy.
I love the way you've captured the clicking jaw - in sleep and awake.

Wonderful! Cats have so many great characteristics to explore in poetry.


jozien said...

Beauuutiful Rachel!
Did i say; i do have 2 cats.
And can vividly see what you write.
Pure pleasure.

RachelW said...

Thank you all! Kyddryn-- sweet, wild and wonderful. Kat, poor little fellow! A cat with nightmares! Jozien, wonderful companions, aren't they?