Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm telling you, it's all your fault

what if it had been somebody else
calling you this time instead of me,
a tin foil roasting geezer, maybe, or an aging auntie
who misdialed when she tried to call dial-a-prayer
looking for hope for the future, but instead
she got your message of impending doom?

what if auntie, giving up hope, unravelled her latest
knitting project, made herself a noose from
the joyfully coloured yarn, and put godspeed
into the natural process by which we all
return to the earth, leaving her frou frou dog
to fend for herself in a world filled with venomous snakes
and inexplicably angry squirrels?

what if it was all your fault? how could you live
with yourself, having so rashly answered the phone
with the startling news of an impending Armageddon?


mike g said...

I am only the messenger, not the message.

I am not the cause, only the eyes, the ears of time to come.

Want good news? Don't call me if you or auntie (who the hell is auntie, anyway?) want the truth. Hah!

"a tin foil roasting geezer". Now who could you be refering to I wonder? nice now.

I could use a sweater for my live upper body with that coloured yarn. Please tell auntie not to take it with her. It would be such a waste. Oh, and I will feed the dog (to Lupo, hah!)

Snakes, squirrels, hmm.

I have not been able to live with myself anyway. So there. Hah!

Want good news? Want good help? Don't call me. Dial-a-prayer. Hah!

Don't blame me for what's to come.
Don't call me if you can't handle the truth.
Don't blame me.

Don't, please don't put make-up on my face when I go ;).

Don't prepare a grave for me. I am going 'Oh Natural.

'The messenger of grief'-impending doom!

Be positive, be happy. All will be just fine I say.

Now I ammmmm confused. Hah!

RachelW said...

Aha, but how did you recognise yourself in my writing? Hmm? Hmm??? What if I had been referring to someone else's doomsday speech? And how can I put makeup on your lovely face if the world ends? I won't be here to dress you up. ;)

mike g said...

You figure? You thought i thought you were writing about my thought's. Didn't you? Hah!

I am only the messenger I tell ya.
You are referring to "someone else's doomsday speech". Hah!

Don't put makeup on my face because i know you can--you can but you won't.

It is NOT my fault (the message);)

Ciao for now, 'Bela'

RachelW said...

Repent! Repent!!!