Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Long-time-ago gull

The gull was young when I took this picture, long enough ago that the colour in the print has started to shift. Does anyone know how long gulls can live? Is this an ancestral-archival picture of someone who is long gone from this life, or a baby picture of someone who is now an adult, with generations of children of his/her own?


Kyddryn said...

Having been photographed, it is a timeless gull, eternally on the wing. What generations followed were all contained in this one moment of now-and-future forever - the ornithologists opinion doesn't matter.

Shade and Sweetwater,

mike G said...

Gulls live Forever! Forever!

My friends have not returned for the second day now...i feel empty of the heart...i wish them free as the wind ,out of harms way

...until next year my gull friends,
soar--fly high--rise beyond the angels were hunger is no more, my friends...thanks for making me your friend.

...Love & Light

...Beautiful photo, beautiful :)

devilsivy said...

The gull transcended its physical gull-ness and became an image on paper, online and in the minds of all of us who've seen it -- reminds me I need to reread _Jonathan Livingston Seagull_. Thank you!

RachelW said...

A photo of this same gull, a different photo, has been on my fridge for the past 12 years or so. Each fridge; the photo gets moved every time I move. Coincidence? Maybe there is no such thing.