Thursday, August 14, 2008


two eyes look at me, strangely sad
from the robot under the chair, disbelieving
having been knocked down
senselessly from the top of the piano
by a jealous feline, not wanting to share
his space

so special just hours before, but

now banished with the dust mice, a naughty
looking race car and a small plush triceratops,
remembering its recent view
from a store shelf in nowhere, saskatchewan

when the toys have faces, what
gives our dreams light?

big brother comes now, with the same
sad eyes, to comfort
the little plastic fella through this
long cold night

for nobody should have to sleep alone
in a house full of toys

Rachel Westfall
August 14, 2008


mike mike said...

Toys like this can only come from planet fantasy or Saskatche-Bush.


Kyddryn said...

I never threw my toys in a fit of pique, as a child, because I just KNEW they were alive and would feel the betrayal keenly. My son, although he has no idea I was that way, is much the same - Ninus the stuffed triceratops is his best buddy, and when Bird has been naughty and knows he's misbehaved, he goes into his room and starts telling his toys good-bye. All of them. By name.

He starts to weep, then cry in earnest, all the while clutching Ninus, miserable, but determined that he must give away all his beloved friends because he did something wrong.

Dear Goddess, what's a Mum to do?? I can hardly punish him for his misdeed when he does it so thoroughly himself...and I end up hugging him close and reassuring him that his friends will remain his, especially Ninus...and even if he tries to give Ninus away, I'll keep him because we made him together, and I'll never let him go, not even when I'm one-hundred-twelve years old.

He STILL sleeps with a bed full of die-cast cars, because they don't want to sleep alone, and this evening I was roundly chastised for taking cars out of the airplane bin because those cars were friends with the planes and wanted to stay in there.

Oh, my.

Darling children - no wonder we love them so. Everything is so real to them...robots, cars, stuffed dinosaurs, and the pickle fairy. Sweet.

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (sorry I went long)(but not sorry enough to truncate)

RachelW said...

Mike mike: all the way from China to Saskabush in a seacan...

Kyddryn: I have always empathized with my toys too. I could never throw away a broken toy because I felt sorry for it. Somehow I managed to grow up without bringing all those toys along with me; my parents must have done some discreet weeding-out. And that boy of yours is a bleeding heart! ;)

Kyddryn said...

I still have most of my stuffed animals and toy horses - and likely will until I'm dead and gone.

His heart's not bleeding, just an Evil Genius sort of way.

Shade and Sweetwater,