Thursday, August 28, 2008

or maybe tomorrow

cold rain today,

[in those long, hard days
of west-coast winter
how many students
did arthur erickson drive to suicide
with his
miserable concrete architecture?]

green brings calm, and the rain
nourishes green
if we let it
grow lush rampant, taking hold
in cracks with persistent roots
crumbling what we have foolishly
built, grain by grain

dissolving grey-
the grave, the colour
of tombstones,
diseased tissue and stale

cold rain today,

and the cracked earth swells

Rachel Westfall
August 28, 2008


devilsivy said...

Now I'm inspired to intend plants breaking down some of the demoralizing inner architecture I've constructed myself.

mike g said...

...and nature will prevail...

She will be victorious!

RachelW said...

The gentle power of plants! Inner and outer architecture... let's break it all down, where it doesn't serve us well.