Thursday, August 7, 2008

spiral down

A red scent followed me
down the hall. Like a wolf
it came stealthily on padded
paws, gaining fast
then engulfing me so sweetly
I was no longer
myself when I turned
the corner, sunwise. This new place
tasted of ocean salt, hinting
of a sky visible only to
the lone kayaker
or a gull floating
on endless waves,
seen in the dreams only dreamed
by the roots of the ancient
yew tree. In a single turn
thoughts moved from ordinary
to extraordinary, shifting
abruptly from blue to gold
as the new sun, pale now
but growing stronger moment
by moment.

Rachel Westfall
August 7, 2008


devilsivy said...

I need to remember change happens -- *sunwise*!

RachelW said...

Sunwise to manifest-- widdershins to banish. Sometimes we need to follow both paths, I think, to get where we need to go.