Friday, September 19, 2008


The ravens choose a direction, bickering briefly

then travel with one mindset—never criss-cross.
Maybe independence is not individual, but
rather a virtue communally shared. Now here we are,

silly humans, lost at cross-purposes,
occasionally moving in tandem
more by chance than by design.

We strayed, then years later

here we are, battle-scarred
but still smiling. We know
one another’s scent with the certainty
of littermates, eager to hear

the stories that carried on
though our ears were turned away
for so long.

Rachel Westfall
September 19, 2008


devilsivy said...

And maybe if we can use our imaginations to see from far enough away we can find a pattern in the criss-cross, see the sharing of our independence in our peregrinations. I love the idea of independence as a communal virtue!

RachelW said...

As a mother, I need to start seeing my independence as part of a communal whole. Otherwise, the restlessness and trapped feeling will bring me down.

mike mike said...

Nonhuman creatures can teach humans so much! Except, there is one problem: we never listen--we never pay attention.

The wildness we may have had eons ago, is lost to us ("sapient" ones??)

RachelW said...

Is it lost to us? Really? I think we still hold it in our dreams, sometimes.