Monday, March 23, 2009


Miranda wanted some attention today, so I brought her forward.

She liked to have it both ways
solitary by day, free-roaming at night.

But sometimes the night
spilled into her high-buttoned days, a dark blot

spreading slowly but unmistakeably
across the page like menstrual blood

flowering across a surprised pair
of cotton panties. Those times

she remembered, with the sharpness of
a gulp of winter air, where she had come from

knowing the seductive way lived history
creeps back into today, unbidden.

Rachel Westfall
September 22, 2008


Woman in a Window said...

God, the imagery in this is freaken wonderful! (Who is Miranda?)

Lirio said...

oh my dear
quite wonderful

RachelW said...

Miranda? I dreamed her up. Or maybe she is a part of me, in a way. Thanks you both!

jozien said...

How do you do it woman? Amazing.
I mean yes, miranda, it is part of me too.
Thanks for bringing her out that way.

Vevay Anderson said...

Miranda is in us all. This is beautiful, and there have been far too many times I felt this way. You expressed it so beautifully.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

One word - fascinating!!!

Julie said...

So powerful!! Every time I visit, you have a new poem that shoots straight through my soul. Excellent work! Every single line is a winner, but "surprised pair of cotton panties" says it all. Surprised! What a perfect word. Rachel, you're awesome.

Karen said...

You have told a whole story in such a short piece. Miranda rules! But we try to push her down... Love it!

christopher said...

The Truth Tonight

If I had courage
I would have been born female.
I bargained carefully
and came out a male
in this timezone, for this work.
If I had more grace
I would honor you
with crimson flowers to match
your deep warm red blood.

Catvibe said...

The final lines of this poem say so much in so few words. How history lived creeps back into today... Once again, your abilities floor me. I simply LOVE your poetry Rachel.

nollyposh said...

oooh i like this one X:-)
(and Christopher's too)