Monday, September 15, 2008

Song for Angel

Wet road, spit
a cup of Timmy’s double-double
and another
yet another tag on the wall
won’t keep you safe

There’ll be no nest for these angels, but
we’ll have a pretty nice
damn highway
Yeah, another smooth highway that will
take you to
the highway of tears
if you follow it along,

if you make it that far

Sleep well,
sweet angels

Sweet Angel

Your mother will remember
the feel of her mouth briefly touch
your forehead, her hand
as it brushed the damp hair
from your brow, cheeks flushed
as night came

sweet child

You are lost,

but we’ll have a pretty nice
damn highway

Rachel Westfall
September 15, 2008

-> Angel's Nest
-> Richard Mostyn's editorial on highways and youth shelters
-> Highway of Tears


Poetikat said...

I have a older writer friend in Terrace, B.C. who informed me about the Highway of Tears. This is a really nice tribute to the lost, Rachel.


RachelW said...

Sad and terrible. It's not far from where I grew up. This girl Angel never even made it that far-- she was found in a suburban area of Whitehorse. There is still hope that a youth shelter will be established here in her name, if operational funding can be secured from the government.