Wednesday, October 1, 2008

When the kids are in the bath

The Empress lies on her cushion
licking her front paw
elegantly, as the Emperor
looks on. His chin resting
on a blanket of soft velour, his eyes
close slowly
with a soft exhalation of breath.

This throne room was, minutes ago,
just the detritus
of a dismantled play fort, constructed
hastily from the soft parts
of the sofa and chair
as they sat bonily denuded,

abruptly exposed
but ever dignified, and now
doubly dignified
by the sudden
elevation in status
of their flesh

worthy of kings
and queens.

Rachel Westfall
October 1, 2008


devilsivy said...

Your humble servitude thus rewarded! Such spectacles one observes at court.

RachelW said...

Ha! Yes. At court, all is well until the emperor decides to start chewing on the empress' neck, fur flies, and a chase ensues.