Friday, November 7, 2008

Stepping stones

Your tight body wrapped
around me, sleeping
lightly under twisted
sheets, it’s not the weight
of your arm across my
shoulders but the sense
of being necessary that
makes it hard for me
to pull away

I stay patiently at my desk
working through a spectacular
sunny afternoon not for the
paycheck, or some abstract
work ethic, but for the thought
of being near you, however
briefly when the clock
comes round

Do you ever wonder why
we often take ourselves so
seriously, we forget that
it was our shared laughter
that brought us together
back then?

Rachel Westfall
November 7, 2008


mike-mike said...


2--Sometimes...some of us don't realize that we are valued, cared for, thought of in a positive light, and yes, even loved (which includes me)...I have much to be aware of...

3--Since I can't match your words with my own: I echo your words! ;)

...Love & Light, beautiful,,,xoxoox


RachelW said...

Mike-mike, thank you for responding to this one; I'm glad it didn't get forgotten. It actually brought tears to my eyes to read it again. xoxox

mike-mike said...

Speechless, sometimes..."forgotten", never ;)


RachelW said...

Forgotten is a wide, cool, twilit field; I'm on one end, and everyone else is at the other. I feel too chilled and isolated to rejoin the group, but I long to be with them, to be part of their warmth and chatter. Hey, maybe there's another poem in that image... ;)