Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The black penny

Some of what you speak
is so dark, we cannot see it

our fear is that great. Our eyes
avert instinctively, so sure,

so certain something foul lies
beneath, ribs torn, carcass
floating bloated-dead. And yet,

at times, your words
are born like composite flowers
sweet with dew, radiant
as the sun himself.

You see—

some of what you speak
teaches us to approach

sidelong, circling with
the slow patience of a fox,
tasting the air
for a hint of smoke or gilt

not daring yet to ask,

A penny for your thoughts?

Rachel Westfall
December 15, 2008


Dark Mike-Mike Light.. said...

You speak

the good

the bad

the love

the light

the darkness

in (I believe)

most, if not all of us

Yet, you represent the love

the light of life

the light of darkness

the darness of light

journey on you beautiful soul

one thing: wacth your step

just like the fox

*LOVE & Light*

RachelW said...

Beautifully said; the interplay of dark and light. Balance! *LOVE & light* to you too.