Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday morning limericks

It's time for some more guest poetry!

Sunday morning limericks
by Bela and Ursula Westfall

There once was a freckly dog
that was playing in the fog
a squirrel she heard
so she flew like a bird
and landed in a bog

There once was a very loud cat
who looked a bit like a bat
he jumped in the air
while chasing a hare
and landed with a splat!

There once was a beautiful tree
that was guarded by a bee
protected from saws
and grizzly bear’s claws
and the beaver family

There once was a clown named Ned
when he bonked his head on lead
he wouldn’t get hurt
he’d fall in the dirt
then he’d get dirty instead

(Bela wrote this last one when he was about six, and he drags it out again every time we talk about limericks!)

Guest poets are always welcome, and I promise I won't tease you unless you're family. ;) Feeling limerickal this morning? Share your inspiration using the Comments form!


RachelW said...

Clare at the Cybersmoke blog ( has suggested a great start for a limerick, with a challenge for me to finish it...

An Ode to Murray

There once was a man named Murray

Who was always in such a hurry

But one fine day before a learned jury

Man oh man did he ever have a big worry



Now technically speaking, we could probably get two limericks out of this one.

There once was a man named Murray
who was always in such a hurry
he went to court
and he was such a good sport
he wooed the learned jury

Or how about this....

There once was a man called Murray
he had a terrible worry
he made his cash
on a SLAPP and dash
then he ran home, all in a flurry

Meandering Michael said...

There once was a guy named Joe,
who liked to do art with snow.
A clever young fellow,
he'd paint the snow yellow
when signing his name below.

RachelW said...

Well done, MM! And I must say, I do so enjoy your superheroes-- are there any new ones coming in the near future, or have you exhausted that particular creative outlet?

RachelW said...

Another challenge from Clare! To write a limerick beginning with "There once was a man named David....."

Now I'm going to deviate a bit from the suggested first line, given how few words actually rhyme with "David."

Also I dare not make direct reference to any individual, particularly not someone who is apparently litigation-happy. This will be a generic limerick, dedicated of course to Clare at

Here goes...

Consider the man in charge
his ego's the size of a barge
you took a good look
so he threw you the book
how is it you're still at large?

thinkpretty said...

This is one I wrote in high school that I have never forgotten (rhyming, the ultimate memory tool!):

There once was a girl named Nat
who for her birthday wanted a vat
but her father the man
was a baseball fan
so instead she received a bat.

:o) Crissy.

RachelW said...

Crissy, you are in the club! ;) It's amazing how easy it is to remember limericks. Here's one I remember writing for my friend Kathy (and her vacuum cleaner) when she let me shack up with her in 1996.

There once was a girl from Quesnel
the town with the horrible smell
she moved to Vancouver
and bought a red hoover
with a light, and even a bell!

Paul Venier said...

A Chinese cook from Malaysia
Made the best chicken dishes in Asia.
Said, "My recipes old,
But if I may so bold,
I hope eating cats doesn't faze ya!"

Paul Venier

RachelW said...

Oh no, he's a pro!

Mike writes said...

To all you who wrote
I have left you this note
Get into your boat
Not a motor boat
A paddle boat
And take pen and paper
for taking note's
for your poem's
and remember the goats who's
lives are their own
not those who have wrote (or not)
this is not a joke
just part of my note's
which I wrote when NOT (haha)
in a boat except in my mind
I will continue to write with
a jolt from those who wrote
Thanks to all those who wrote
within or without a boat
just thoughts from your note's


Mike-bike-mike said...

"There once was a man named David....."
Who's name was really not David
he was really so javid
which some would call havid
when he was soooo avid
he could have easily havid
a name like ROD or Rodvid
you knowvid I savid? Do ya-vid
what I sayvid?
Poor old David, who did
not ryme or reason
but words need not ryme
to be a poem in time
reason would be nice avid
the vids of our minds...

I'm glad my name rymes with bike
and not God whom I am not

David has gone to the vids...


thinkpretty said...

It is the town with the horrible smell! I had to drive past 2-mile flat to get to town so I am VERY familiar. Why, this has inspired a limerick, how fitting!

When Crissy was only a girl
she lived in a place quite rural.
The road to town had a hill
and then it skirted a mill
with a reek that could make your hair curl.

RachelW said...

Now we are definitely straying from the form of the limerick, lol! Such inspiration the limerick has brought! ;) Crissy, that's too funny-- I've met more than a few people from Quesnel who say the town's name with their nose plugged. It's so much more than just a name... :)

RachelW said...


I like...


Meandering Michael said...

There will be more superheroes added as and when they are discovered. Tips are always welcome. Pictures for previous heroes will be updated shortly.

RachelW said...

I shall look forward to more of your superheroes.

I haven't seen any real ones lately, but there have been some folks masquerading as such.

Here's one example. Wyatt Tremblay saw right through the deception, fortunately for us.

Meandering Michael said...

Hi! I'm looking for the Wyatt Tremblay letter (or anything about him on the link you posted) and can't seem to locate it...

RachelW said...

Hi MM, sorry for the confusion... he is the editorial cartoonist for the Yukon News. There wasn't a direct link to the cartoon, but it's on the page I linked to.

Meandering Michael said...

Ah! Gotchya!