Thursday, December 11, 2008

To heal what ails you

There's nothing like a woodstove to bring some cheer to the night. A woodstove outside in the snow is just that much better. We were just burning the stink of the paint off this one, but maybe I should cancel the installation and keep it outdoors, hmm?


mike-mike said...

Fire on a Moon lit night

Very magical

Very soothing

Healing and


a very nice time

to meditate

to think deeply

to calm the mind, body

and soul

hot, hot ;)

RachelW said...

Hot, hot! :) :)

mike g said...

I can help you install this stove INSIDE your home and help keep the FIRE burning...;)

And then...who knows...

get this stove INSIDE your home and warm your soul

cook your meals

heat your water

dry your air

RELAX and enjoy

yes, hot, hot...

RachelW said...

Haha, yes I would very much appreciate your help bringing this one inside. I think I pulled every muscle in my body trying to get it up on the porch yesterday. Ouch!

fire me said...

And now you have fuel for your fire, I hear.

Just in time for this recent cold SNAP--Crackle--Pop, Hah!

Keep warm, hot-hot, stuff... ;)

RachelW said...

Fire it up, sweetheart!

It's gonna burn great with that plastic dryer hose running from the top of the chimney out the window. Who needs a professional installation? ;)

Fire me, too said...

"Who needs a professional installation? ;)"

Hope you find one in your neck of the woods or you might have to just settle for help from me ;)

Keep warm, beautiful xxxxxxx's

RachelW said...

I have to say I could use a little *fire* in my home right now (I think it's about -33 outside right now)! And a little *fire* in my belly too...