Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The way back home

Homeward I ride,
through arrogant traffic and deep exhaust;
over cold ruts and fresh powder;
snow striking my eyes until pellets of salt-ice
weigh my lids shut.

It’s uphill now,
my twenty-seven speeds reduced to three
frozen shut. As the sweat breaks
I feel newly transformed—a phoenix,
or at very least
a butterfly, beautiful, strong, special.

Something else I have become; something
undaunted by the cold, the sting of snow,
the impatient drivers, the spinning wheels.
I practically hover home
my three speeds now reduced to one
when one is all I really need, today.

Oh, how disappointing
to walk in the door, strip off
fogged glasses, look down
and find myself me,
yes still me, unchanged—sweater
covered in cat hair, drab and grey.

The dogs, not sharing
my dismay at all, woo with joy
because I am still me, just me,
and we are together

Rachel Westfall
December 24, 2008


KGT (aka Cagey) said...

Reminds me of two favorite dog quotes:
1st- "No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as much as the dog does."
-Christopher Morley
2nd-"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

Interesting poem. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by When I wax. I hope you won't mind if I link your blog...I'll be back!

Julie said...

Hi, Rachel. This is a beautiful poem! I'm reading it at night when I finally have a chance to be by myself, and it is speaking to me loudly. I love animals and the way they just accept us for what we are. My old dog died, then my old cats, and I'm still in mourning for them.

I love how the poem starts with the exhaust and traffic and ends with the love and acceptance from the dogs. Thank you for sharing. I'll be back to read more:)

RachelW said...

Cagey, thanks for those quotes, and your feedback! Certainly I don't mind you linking my blog... and I would like to link yours, as well.

Julie, thank you for commenting. It is amazing how the animals accept us for who we are, and as much as we struggle to grow, change and reinvent ourselves, they actually seem to prefer it when we stay the same. I find it funny how they react if we wear our hair differently, or dress in an untypical fashion. They have to go through the whole butt-sniffing routine all over again, just to confirm that we are who we should be.

Kyddryn said... of the beauties of the canine mind is its focus on the "right now" of life. They don't judge, they always see you in the best possible light, and they love you for who you are. One of my favorite homey little plaques say "Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am". There's a cat one, too - that's for me!

I love how animals love so uncomplicatedly (that is TOO a word!).

Luv ya, sister-of-my-heart!

Shade and Sweetwater,

RachelW said...

If only we could all live to that standard! The world would be a better place if we were all as wise, generous, and big-hearted as the domestic animals in our lives think we are. Luv ya too! xox

Poetikat said...

The "dogs woo with joy". I love that! I have 4 cats who deign to bestow their affections.
I get that: "still me". I can see I'll be spending some time here.


RachelW said...

Kat, I like how you put that-- they "deign to bestow their affections." We have 3 cats here as well... they certainly show their affection with a bit more reservation (dignity? poise?) than the dogs, who do not know the meaning of composure. ;)