Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter's coming

Thin-shirted child, I know you feel
the chill of autumn, smell the sniff of imminent snow
Maybe tonight?
Maybe only in the mountains, but
it will spread like contagion once it starts

Why do you stand alone on the empty
side of the playing field, your arms
wanting to wrap round your thin frame
to keep the wind out, but hanging
helpless by your sides

when others run
and chatter in accord down the other end?

This gloom of nights eating into day, this breeze
sends the small birds into clusters,
safe collectives seeking racemes of red-gold berries
as they wend their way south

So why do you bask in your loneliness, child?

Rachel Westfall
December 5, 2008


Mike G said...

A child should not be lonely and cold...

to many are, and what a shame it is

NO child should be lonely and cold

*Love & Light* to all children

RachelW said...

But it can be so hard to break free of isolation, particularly when it's (at least partly) self-imposed. Yes, Love, light and warmth to the children...