Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Colour therapy

I can see
from how your nose
does twitch and flip
like hinged metal
to a magnet

that yellow
is a very special colour
to you.

Rachel Westfall
January 13, 2009


Kyddryn said...


Thanks...brought back memories of the dogs I grew up with...and their fascination with the beautiful stinks of the world.

Shade and Sweetwater,

jozien said...

Hi Rachel, I will be visiting your blog once in a while too, and maybe we will pass each other on the street(i'm in town tomorrow for 2 days).
I love your thing about belly laughs, your Ravens at play, your cats, your poetry and much more. Oh and your moon!

holly said...

I love the contrast here in the tone between the poem and the pic! Too funny! I miss snow...and so does my dog.

RachelW said...

Kyddryn, yes it is so much a doggy thing that we humans just don't get!

Jozien, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog, too-- so full of the local wild magic.

Holly, thank you! Yes, the snow is so wonderful... it's one of the things I really appreciate about living in the north. Quite aside from the yellow parts, the dogs love to leap through it like deer, and see what they can sniff beneath.

Crafty Green Poet said...

that's a fun poem and pic combination!