Friday, January 9, 2009

Poetry Challenge of the week: Rhyming couplets!

Alright, me hearties, it's time for another poetic challenge! Rhyming couplets are so simple, yet so fun. Don't be afraid to take the stage; I'd love to see what you can come up with!

This wee poem was inspired by my very own freckle-dog, who you can see slobbering on my glasses in my profile picture. And yes, I'm sure there will be many more to come... both rhyming couplets and slobberings.

My sweetheart is freckled, her snout is so bold,
Her tail's like the pom-pom that cheerleaders hold.

If she does goose me, oh yes I will shriek!
The kids will be laughing about it all week.


Meandering Michael said...

A Triplet of Couplets
I really like couplets because they are easy,
Unlike those sonnets (which I find too cheesy).

Couplets are bouncy like "doo doot do doo."
I like their rhythm much more than Haiku.

You only need two words that rhyme for the cusps,
and rhyming two words is... easy most of the time.

Kyddryn said...

Oh moon so high and gleaming bright
Lighting the dark recesses of night

Glowing liquid silver swath
Clear luminescence marks my path

Leading me through a dark winter wood
To the sacred place where my ancestors stood

Singing your praises, arms raised high
While stately and graceful the stars roll by


Little mouse
In my house
Please don't nibble
The kitties' kibble
Or they will chew
With joy, on you!

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (off the cuff, but perhaps it will do; I enjoy playing these games with you)

devilsivy said...

While really I ought to work on my syllabus
The fun of a couplet I grade at A plus

Thank you, dear Rachel, for your brilliant ideas
Sharing in verse radiant philosophias.

RachelW said...

Oh yes! There is such talent, you see?
It makes me happy to know you three!

Bela Westfall said...

Mao is an orange and white striped cat
who really wants to chase a rat

He likes to chase them around because
he wants to play with them, yes he does

Carole said...

In response to your photos
Here goes:

The winter’s cold keeps souls curled up indoors
Asleep in places where the kitty snores

And some bold souls don’t even wait their turn,
Foes jump right in ignoring norms they learn

(I was aiming for an iambic pentameter
Like was used in Shakespeare's theatre)

RachelW said...

Thanks, Bela and Carole! Carole, you have definitely struck upon a classic rhythm there; it sounds great, read out loud.

One of my favourite (lengthier) poems using rhyming couplets is The Cat and the Wizard by Dennis Lee. (You might know him from the Canadian kids' poetry classic, Alligator Pie.) For those of you who have children, here is some recommended reading! here is a teaser from The Cat and the Wizard...

"...The cat is ecstatic!
She chortles, she sails
From the roof to the floor
On the banister rails..."

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

that photo illustrates coexisting!

Fireweed said...

At night by dim light of a blurry mooned heaven,
I stumble through drifts with my lil' friend Seven

There is no place better that I'd rather be;
This dark forest brightens my gloomy esprit!

In woods on snow through ages of winter,
The pup and I wander, not one sense asplinter.

Julie said...

Oh, I love Miss Freckles and the kitty! What beautiful animals. I'm not very good at couplets, but you have inspired me to give it a try:) Thank you for your kind comments at my site, Rachel. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm having a great time catching up on reading your poems that I have missed!

RachelW said...

I am astonished by the skill
of Fireweed, out there in the chill

striding far and trekking bold
with her dog, whose feet are cold!

Ad thank you, Julie and Diane, for visiting! I'm not that great at rhyming poetry, either, unless I'm in a very silly mood.

Poetikat said...

Oops! Don't post that last one, Rachel. I goofed!

Miss Freckles looks a bit perturbed
The cat's behaviour must be curbed

Or did the bed to her belong?
I think I may have got it wrong!


RachelW said...

It was the dog's bed, until one day the cat
came strolling right in, and on it he sat

Miss Freckles did learn on that portentious day
that always, yes always, a cat gets his way!

Poetikat said...

I can't resist (shoulder and all!)

You'll never win against a cat
Her word is law and that is that

This truth I've learned with felines, four:
A dog obeys; cat sets the score!


RachelW said...

The dog would like to think she's boss.
But then the cat would get real cross;

Across her nose, the cat would swat
the dog, to let her know what's what!

Kat, thank you for this conversation
with rhythmic and rhyming preoccupation

without such fun, well, life would be
so very drab, and so dreary.

Anonymous said...

i really like all of theses poems and it gave me great ideas for what i could do for school