Thursday, January 29, 2009

Powerful poems

I've been reading some breathtaking poems on the web, here and there. I wanted to share just a few of these treasures with you. Some of these you may have seen already; others not. I thought they were just too good to keep secret.

Beneath the veil of winter born on Keeping Secrets- the story of a girl born with a caul, be it blessing or curse.

She on Coexist- on girls and self-image.

The storm on Empty Garden- fear and longing for the unknown.

Old barns still speak on The Buffaloe Pen- a girl's story that must be told and heard, about something that must never be allowed to happen again.

Mad cow on Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes- a warning to the spongiformed ones.

Love song to a cashier on Milk and Paper- this one taps into that feeling of how we want to protect the ones we love. You'll see.


Poetikat said...

Thanks, Rachel, for the plug. That's one of my favourites. I shall have to check out your recommendations over the weekend - errands to run today.
I responded to FB ??? and added some more pics.

Talk to you soon,


Faith said...

What a great post! :). And I love the photo. I've been enjoying your poetry so much. Now I am off to follow the links above:)

Karen said...

Thanks so much for recognizing and mentioning my poem. I'm honored, truly.

RachelW said...

You are welcome-- happy reading!!

Poetikat said...

Hey, Rachel! I've visited all your selections and was really wowed by them. I've learned some new things too. It's great to have someone point you in the right direction, rather than stumbling around haphazardly (although that has its merits as well).



RachelW said...

Hi Kat-- yeah I've totally enjoyed browsing through other people's recommended reading lists, too! I'm so glad you enjoyed these ones.