Monday, February 9, 2009

Colourful guests

They came around shyly, three glorious grosbeaks, to fill their stomachs with seeds. All it took was a tiny chickadee landing to scatter them, but not before I snapped a few photos.


Poetikat said...

Nice one! It's not easy to capture them before they fly off and this is one beautiful shot. Lucky you!
Not much happening in my backyard today - just squirrels and a couple of doves (not that I'm complaining, you understand).

A new BFtP is up, finally.


christopher said...

Yes, yes, lucky you!

Lisa said...

stunning little guys xx

Guess who--Awoooo!! said...

Here's to the colorful bird in you, you!

From the "scrapy" wolf in me--he-he-hee

Soar, Beautiful!! ;)

RachelW said...

Thanks all! Kat, I wouldn't be complaining either, with doves and a squirrel. All are welcome and delightful!

Hey scrappy wolf! Good to see you are back in your true form. ;)