Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost one

You could not protect
your jewel, lost on the trail
then with choking sadness, too late
you found her, too late

Through what queer deception
have you come to believe
her empty chain has the power
to keep you safe?

You could not protect
your jewel, yet you hold this hollow trinket
against your heart, fragile hope
it will keep past and future at bay

Rachel Westfall
February 23, 2009

Inspired by this news story

Thank you, Terry, for sending me this photo of Jewel.


Lisa said...

i dont need to know what inspires this- the images my mind creates are real enough- thanks to you my Goddess Of The Word xx

Kyddryn said...

Aww, pupper...

ShHade and Sweetwater,

Mike-Mike said...

“So she will protect me.”--said the musher from Japan. Sounds like a bit of guilt for exploiting and killing poor Jewel in last years Yukon Quest. A "sled dog" race that has been breeding, exploiting, injuring, and killing dogs into it's 26th year now. Pathetic!

If she or any other musher truly feels bad for bringing harm to "mans best friend": They would/should simply Stop exploiting them. Period!

As it stands right now there are no laws protecting our nonhuman friends. Only basic rights; the right not to be the property of humans to do as they wish to them will be the only sure way to protect nonhumans--Basic rights!

Humans should pull their own sleds. There!

Faith said...

Powerful words, Rachel. Heartbreak.

Thanks for the background information.

"what queer deception..." This is such a truth.

Yes, you are a "Goddess of The Word" as Lisa says.

confused said...

one comment wow!! that was outstanding

Karen said...

So sad, Rachel. Even without knowing the story, the heartache of loss is there.

Poetikat said...

So sad.


Fat Arse said...

Again, words well spent.

RachelW said...

Poor, sweet Jewel. I have a soft spot for these timid husky types. I hate it when this soft of thing happens.