Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rite of Spring

The maidens spin
and twirl, the energy rising
in a celebration dance
tender in their young beauty, plump
and fresh as new plums
dusted with a delicate yeasty bloom.

The ribbons in their hair
are bright, as are the meadow blossoms
standing straight, as prim and proper
as a row of schoolgirls
woven into their braids.

As the night grows long
the blooms will wilt and droop,
unnoticed by the girls
who laugh and clutch each other’s arms
giddy with the moment when excitement
overcomes fatigue.

The blooms only whisper
the secret--
each maiden unwittingly carries the seed
of a crone within her
deep under her womb
where it will grow a little
each season, entwining itself
slowly through her abdomen
across her thighs
into the skin of her elbows and knees
drawing moisture and sustenance
until the girl is gone
and all that is left
is the crone.

The crones sit round the fire
tending the stories, ripe and wizened
as only crones can be.
They share knowing looks
as the maidens whirl past
they stand
and rock
and spin again, each slow
rickety crickety in her own right
for each crone has the seed
of a maiden within her
deep under her womb
a living memory
of the dance.

Rachel Westfall
February 15, 2009


jozien said...

Wow Rachel, you are a magic spinner with words, and so wise!

christopher said...

Rachel, thank you for the vision. Happy Valentines weekend to you.

An Ancient Spring

The tribal drumbeat
matches, leads the dancing girls
while the shaman chants
at the edge of light
further from the fire than crones
go this night, well placed
to bridge the dark gaps
between the warming of spring
and the cold white shards
of winter to north
of this hopeful dancing clan
seeking a new life.

Lisa said...

stunning- speaking to my soul with this one my love xx

Kyddryn said...

Ooh, sugar, this is just delicious!

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who is feeling the Crone, today)

RachelW said...

Thank you, all! :)

Christopher, thanks for the gift of this poem. It always delights me and makes me smile when you respond with verse. It's like getting a present I wasn't expecting.

Karen said...

This is a beautiful picture of life's circle. I'm closer to crone than maiden, but I still feel her deep've captured that perfectly.

Linda S. Socha said...

Please stop by the recent post at Psyche Connections. There is a bloggers award waiting for you there!

RachelW said...

Thank you so much, Linda dear! :) I'll be right over.

Karen, I'm glad this works for you... I have fun playing with the maiden, mother, crone archetypes, though I know they don't work for everyone. I do think we carry their seeds in them throughout our lives, though they manifest in so many different ways.