Saturday, March 14, 2009

For the love of sleep

The best moments are born when we sleep entwined, safely cocooned, our dreams woven together in a delightful tangle.

For the love of sleep

The lovers two, they had it all wrong,
dancing close 'til the shadows brushed
their sweet delights in the hayloft, in the eiderdown,
in the soft green moss beneath the apple trees,
a little sister tittering from behind a rock
as they loved deep and low until the witching hour
when the clock boomed loud and the field mice
nibbled their toes, sending them scattering home.

They had it all wrong, those lovers two;
had they come together as the birds fell silent,
at that moment when twilight sits heavy as a blanket
damp with dew, pressing their eyelids low,
they would have found the bliss they sought
drawing salted hot skin fresh into their dreams,
while her hair draped long made a living pillow
bright with the wild, sweet scent of rosemary.

Rachel Westfall
March 12, 2009


Lisa said...

perfect xx

Woman in a Window said...

Oh Racel, you must be the lovliest. I love this. Is it getting old that I say this? Sorry. But I do.

Kyddryn said...

Beautiful, love.

Shade and Sweetwater,

Woman in a Window said...

I found it.

"The Weaving

What is that sound? I said.

It is the wind, she replied

in a voice gentle as a meadow,

the sound of

stories partly told,

of love letters unanswered,

of cries heard and unheard,

of the earth calling her children

to her so their ribs may

be strewn long and moss-covered

across her body.

Tell me a story, I said.

You are a story, she replied.

You are the weaver and the woven,

a child of the dawn, the mystery

and the answer. You are my story,

and I am your dreaming. Without you,

I would not be. Without me, you

would never have been told.

What is that sound? I said."

I'm so glad I found it. I'm so glad I found you. There are so very few who see this, who know this, who live this. Melodramatic? From time to time, but right now, I need to know there are others.

RachelW said...

Erin, I'm so glad to have found you, too :) I think share a common madness, or metaphor, whatever they call it!

Lisa and Kyddryn, thank you!

kenflett said...

Your words bring me memories,
so lovely Rachel

joker the lurcher said...

this is so perfect. i'm welsh and it has something that reminds me of wales, not sure why. maybe the cadence of your words?

RachelW said...

Ken, thank you :)

Joker the Lurcher, my grandfather was Welsh, and it's certainly part of my cultural heritage. I wonder if something Welsh snuck in there that I wasn't aware of?

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

This whispers to the deepest heart of me...thank you, dear poet friend.

Faith said...

So beautiful.

Poetikat said...

This has a really classical feel to me - almost Shakespearean. I love the line about the mice - only you would put that in.


Karen said...

Beautiful, Rachel.

SarahA said...

Very soft and enthralling. I feel as if I am actually there. Lovely, you. Just lovely.

RachelW said...

Ooh, thank you all... I had fun with this one.