Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Insomniac Haiku

Sleep is elusive
gerbils run inside my head
rattling their wire cage

(Because I have to see the humour in it somewhere, or it would surely drive me mad...)


Karen said...

Poor Rachel and poor Kat. It's hard to turn off the brain sometimes...

Faith said...

Poor Rachel. Those darn gerbils! They probably sleep all day cozy in wood shavings and torn newspaper -- cute little balls of sleepy fur -- only to rattle again all night long!!

Insomnia Song

by Gregory Orr

Is it me tossing
or is this bed
a small boat
in an unprotected
anchor I suppose.
That is: turn on
a light and read
all night.
open on my knees;
its pages: white
sails spread.

Fleeing hell,
that's in the head.

I was looking for this poem for you and found a neat website:

Hope you sleep better tonight:)

RachelW said...

Karen and Faith, thank you both for your sympathy! And Faith, thank you also for digging up that wonderful poem. What a neat website/course you have found!

christopher said...

The Gerbils In My Head

It was bad enough
when I had gerbils running
on the little wheel
in my caged old head
all night long but then they got
loose and are chewing
new holes in my brain
where I don't need any holes.
What if they get out?

Woman in a Window said...

Oh, i hear you, above the din of tired.

Ghost Dansing said...

counting sheep

Poetikat said...

I echo Rachel's reaction to Orr's poem - great!

Rachel - I had 3 gerbils once and that incessant wheel-spinning is the ideal metaphor for insomnia.

I'm wearing earplugs and sleep-mask these nights and it IS helping.


Vevay Anderson said...

Need help sleeping? Have you ever read 'The Grapes of Wrath'? It's a classic, and took me MONTHS to read because it was so *ahem* relaxing that I kept falling asleep!

LORENZO said...

Crazy how the write few words in 3 lines can have such impact. Great image. I'm sleeping strangely as of late too. All the best.

Vesper said...

Gerbils are cute... and your view of insomnia - excellent! I'm sorry you're suffering but glad that you can find some humour in it.

Catvibe said...

Gerbils in your head! Oh the torture...sleep pretty one sleep, put your worries out the door, sleep and sleep and sleep some more.

RachelW said...

Christopher, I think my gerbils did get out, and they have been rattling around the bedroom! :)

Ghost, yes I do need to count some sheep... I'm my own worst enemy, when it comes to sleep. I keep myself up deliberating about things.

Funny thing is, I kept myself up worrying about whether my daughter was going to sleepwalk! We're trying to cure her through positive thinking... and it actually seems to be working. She stayed in her bed all night last night, for the first time in probably 6 months.

Thanks everyone! :) Sleep found me last night for a while, so maybe I can manage more than a 3 line poem today. ;) Though sometimes, Haiku really does say it all.