Sunday, March 22, 2009

My 25

The latest virus going through the blogs is a challenge to name 25 writers who have influenced you. Karen has passed it along to me... and I knew this wouldn't be an easy challenge. Aaaah.... choo!!

Ursula LeGuin
Erica Jong
Anne-Marie MacDonald
Isabel Allende
Janice Kulyk Keefer
Al Purdy
Joy Harjo
Carolyn Hillyer
Dennis Lee
Dr. Seuss
Sheri S. Tepper
Vikram Seth
Robertson Davies
Toni Morrison
George Orwell
Christopher Paolini
Michael Bond
J.K Rowling
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Michel Faber
Lloyd Alexander
Tom Robbins
Kurt Vonnegut
Maurice Sendak

Yes, you can see that I am easily influenced by whatever I read, whether to myself or to my children. Ahem. I've tried to remember some authors I enjoyed, sought out, or was thoroughly enchanted by over the years, and I'm sure this list is nowhere near complete. Now it's my duty to sneeze upon tag three people who hopefully haven't already been tagged...
Who are 25 of your most influential authors?


Woman in a Window said...

I love that you have Isabelle Allende, Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak (Thank you universe for Little Bear!) and Tom Robbins on your list!!! and did Michel Faber write the Crimson...oh, I forget already, but I'm pretty sure he did and I loved it! Can I hold onto this meme, think about it, tag it along on a post? I generally don't do them, and I'm not a great resevoir of remembering authors, but I thank you for thinking of me.

Poetikat said...

Ooh! Paddington! Of course! I love Michael Bond. It make take me a while to get this done, Rachel, but I will let you know when it's complete.
Thanks, this is one virus I don't mind catching!


RachelW said...

I'm allergic to memes, but this one was quite fun to do! Challenging, too. I've read so many good books over the years, then promptly forgotten the titles and the names of the authors.

My daughter helped me with this. She insisted that Paolini must be included, because we are reading the Eragon books together right now, and my kids are both enchanted with them.

I'm glad you are both game to have a go at this one! :)

RachelW said...

Oh! And Erin, yes Michel Faber wrote Crimson Petal and the White, which I enjoyed, and I only remember because it's still sitting in my bookshelf. ;) Kat, we are so loving the Olga books these days, also by Michael Bond, though I think it was Paddington who made him famous.

Lisa said...

i also dont like memes but i love your list- would add Jilly Cooper, Jane Austen and Roselind Miles

Karen said...

Sorry to have infected you so! On the other hand, I got to see that some of my favorites are yours, too. Your list made me think of some others -- Connie Willis, Carol Shields, Dan Simmons, Mary Stewart (Arthurian books a delight)and I could go on and on. It's nearly impossible to narrow, don't you think? I love them all for different reasons and the different gifts they gave/give me. Now I'm eager to see what the others have to say. Oh, and Gesundheit!

christopher said...

Quoit a list :)
I would add some and take out some. I'm nearly Ursula's neighbor, have gone to a lecture she gave once. Left Hand Of Darkness, a masterpiece.

James Lee Burke, Gregory MacDonald, Tolkein, John Michell, ee cummnings, Gregory Bateson. I won't go on. Some of you are probably saying who are those guys. But they formed me :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Rachel - loved your list...all notables and valuable writers! I met Joy Harjo last fall. She is such a sweet person. Totally unassuming. We talked about poetry mostly, and her horses - even our grandchildren. She is lovely, with her cowgirl hat and boots - and her horn!!!

Faith said...

I love your list, Rachel! I love that you included your kids with much of what I have been reading in the last 10 years has been really good children's literature:)

Thanks for tagging me and I will get to it -- but if you saw the state of my house at the moment and the laundry pile;) you would know that it may be a few days:P.

RachelW said...

It's neat to see who you all would have added, and also to hear about authors who you have met. K., I would so love to meet Joy Harjo, and to hear her read some of her work. Christopher, I'm a big enough fan of Ursula LeGuin's writing to have named my daughter after her! I agree, Left Hand of Darkness is a masterpiece. I'll be reading the Earthsea books with my kids soon, once we're through Paolini's books.

Also I should have included a link to Carolyn Hillyer's work. She is a songwriter, painter and performer, not (to my knowledge) a novelist, and I suspect you won't have come across her. Her verse is powerful and poetic, and I have a book of the words of many of her songs which I cherish.

Catvibe said...

LOVE IT! So many things I so jibe with. Where the wild things are!

RachelW said...

I'm enjoying reading other people's lists, too. There are some authors I can't believe I forgot when I did my list. Milan Kundera!

Poetikat said...

Okay. I've done it (at least the first bit - I think it deserves more explanation, so that will come later).


Scrapy Wolf in me said...

The 'Big Bad Wolf' was the story I believed in the most. Who was that great author that made up that fable, anyway? :)

RachelW said...

Hmm, possibly the Brothers Grimm? Though I expect they must have compiled existing folk tales, rather than inventing anything new.