Saturday, March 21, 2009


A cherished, long-distance friend knitted this glorious, soft, colourful scarf for me and sent it in the mail. My daughter was delighted to model it. Handmade things are one of my very favourite forms of magic. They have the power to seal the bond of friendship, and to remind us that someone loves and cares for us enough to spend so many hours making a thing of beauty with us in mind. Thank you, K! I love you, too.


Woman in a Window said...

Beautiful scarf and beautiful child.

Lirio said...

oh yes your daughter is lovely
and nothing like a handmade gift is there?

Karen said...

What a beautiful girl! Great model for a handmade comfy. This is a nice tribute to the maker, too.

By the way, would you come by my place for a challenge? ;-)

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a beautiful model your daughter is, Rachel:)
And, her new, handmade scarf looks perfect on her.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely picture. I think objects carry energy. And, the idea that someone sat with such intention and positive thought to make something for you...well what better energy is there?

Lisa said...

yep- special for sure........

Kyddryn said...

Hmm...maybe someone needs to make a second one for your beautiful fey child so you may reclaim that one... :-) It may even be ready sometime next winter!

Meanwhile - what is she thinking of? She looks like she planning some sort of mischief...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (does the lass have favourite colors?)

christopher said...

The Gift Of Poetry

A poem is a gift
made by hands and heart and head
for my true lover
in all the many
costumes she may don to walk
the sweet path of love.

I am so deeply
touched by the burst of blossoms
in the spring of you
and the returning
voice of verdant things aloft
on the wind of song.

RachelW said...

Thank you all! :)
Kyddryn, she says purple and red are her favourite colours. Maybe that's why she was so quick to adopt my scarf!? And yes, she is always... up to something.

Christopher, thanks for sharing your beautiful poem, once again; these are words that I find very comforting today.

Poetikat said...

I was deeply hurt by someone who accepted a handmade crocheted article (I was into crocheting what I liked to call "slocks") for Christmas one year and blew it off like I had offered her a stick of gum.
The scarf is absolutely gorgeous and now that I know you like handmade, watch out! (Of course, I'll need your address.)


Poetikat said...

By the way, that is one darling photograph - she's beautiful, isn't she?


Mike-Mike said...

Those eyes; so wise
That face.; so beautiful
That scarf brings out the colourful soul in Ursie; the beautiful soul.

such a lovely gift you knitted; art from the soul!
I knew there was something very, very special that arrived in the mail for Rachel that day (I was there) because the beautiful scent appeared out of the package before the special scarf.

Thanks for sharing this special gift with us!

Keep well

RachelW said...

Kat, I can't believe anyone would blow off your slocks! Home-made is the best; I feel guilty whenever I buy gifts instead. I try to buy only things other people have made by hand, when I don't have time to make my own gifts; it just feels better that way.

Of course I think she is gorgeous, too! :)

Mike-Mike: :-) Ursie smiled at your message last night. We were just settling down to go to sleep when you called.