Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Too helpful

Here's a little poem I left on Christopher's blog a couple of days ago. I love the way he leaves poems in people's comments. It's a bit like an easter egg hunt; you just never know when you're going to come across one of Christopher's treasures. Now I just gave away the game and told you where I hid my poem. Plus I'm reposting it here. I'm not so good at this game, am I? :) That suits the title of this poem just perfectly, I think.

Too helpful

I want to straighten you out.
I can’t resist making my point
over and over; No, No!
You are going about it
All Wrong.

I want to shut myself up.
Nothing delights me
more than your ass-backwards,
upside-down self.
If I fix you, maybe
I’ll forget how to love you
at all.

Rachel Westfall
March 9, 2009


Poetikat said...

This IS the eternal conundrum, isn't it? We fall for someone based on certain things and then once we've got them where we want them, we start wanting them to change. Sometimes it works - especially when we manage to change each other, just a little bit.


jozien said...

Rachel, i am glad you posted it here, i didn't catch it there.
I love it! :)

Julie said...

I love it, Rachel! That ending is great, and I can relate to being a "fixer." I wonder what makes us want to be that way? My favorite lines are:

"Nothing delights me
more than your ass-backwards,
upside-down self."

That is just fantastic!! You're right about Christopher, too. I love his poem comments. He's awesome. And you are, too. I'm glad you posted this again.

Woman in a Window said...

The love is in the work, in the imperfection.
Nicely done. Read it through a few times.

christopher said...


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Oh, could I send this to someone - but I won't because then I'd be guilty of the same crime!

christopher said...

By the way, my dispersed poems will eventually become part of my blog if I live :)

They are running about 200 days behind right now.

Karen said...

Rachel - I caught this on Christopher's blog, where it perfectly suited the discussion, and it works perfectly stand-alone, as well. I'm glad you posted it here so I could take a second look. You're dropping little poem blossoms; I love it.

RachelW said...

Kat, yes maybe sometimes it works... it hasn't for me, not yet. It's a trait I really, seriously need to keep in check. :)

Thanks, Jozien!

Julie, thank you-- it's always great to see you online! I love your latest poem.

Erin, thanks-- love yes, but of the motherly, smothering sort sometimes?

Diane, haha!!

Christopher, I'm rooting for you. Do you have them all queued on your blog? It would be... weird, but in a good way, I think to die leaving 200 blog posts in the queue, all set to appear each morning as if one was still around. I hope you don't go anywhere soon. I'd miss you.

Karen, thanks :) that's a great analogy!

Kelly said...

I would love to get a poem like this, full of love and so forgiving of self and partner.