Friday, March 20, 2009

Wild one

Did you notice
the moment when I crossed over into you
leaving my feral scent?

However long
you bathe and scrub and bleed into the ground
I will always find you now.

Rachel Westfall


Vevay Anderson said...

I really enjoyed this's so raw and primal.

Lirio said...

oh powerful
took my breath away

Woman in a Window said...

Rachel, you so very wise and naughty poet.

christopher said...

Rachel, I couldn't help it.

I'm Stuck With You

I thought that was you
touching me like that. No one
else could, not like that.
You warn me I'm stuck
with you. Oh boy. This is sweet.
If you expect me
to try to scrape you
off me by diving into
the dirt, think again.

RachelW said...

Hee hee, I found the first part of this in my scraps and just had to toss it out here. Christopher, I love it. You are a genius.

Karen said...

I agree with Lirio -- primal!

Reading you comment to Christopher -- you found it in your scraps? I wish I had scraps like this! LOL

Poetikat said...

Ooh! This is good - of course I'm thinking cat, but I'm sure it can be taken on a number of levels.

(Coincidence about the blog cleanup, eh?) Yours looks great by the way and I love the new photo of you with the feline shawl.

It takes ages to sort out links, doesn't it? (Add to that, my computer kept disconnecting, like 50 or 60 times.)


Wolf-Man said...

The Wild is alive and well in you, Rachel...a trait many humans animals have lost long ago.

Hmmm...the scent of the wild women...


Cynthia said...

oh oh! i'm loving "wild one" so visceal,
and sublime at once. i can imagine the

Char said...

Very good! And proud of myself, that even at this age, I still get it (the poem, I mean).

Lirio said...

hey wild and alive one
lets chat

RachelW said...

Karen, I'm willing to bet you do... the trick is to write them down somewhere where you can find them later!

Kat, I had similar problems; my computer froze a few times and I had to reboot. There must have been gremlins around yesterday.

Wolf-man, I'm glad you realise you have been marked ;)

Cynthia, thank you!

Char, haha, we only get wiser...

Lirio, thanks, let's do that.

Crafty Green Poet said...

excellent, very vivid and primal