Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Haiku with an invitation to contribute

Haiku is always fun to create with the kids! Here are a few of our creations, with an invitation to add your own in the comments section. I need a good laugh today, so silliness is most definitely welcome! :)

Bunnies on the lawn
leaving chocolate plops around
for the kids to find

Spring is burgeoning
snowdrops raise their lovely heads
somewhere south of here

Music of the birds
wakes me up before the dawn
no more sleeping in!


Bela said...

smurfs live in the woods
collecting nuts and berries
having lots of fun

Ursula said...

Easter time is here
bunnies poo out chocolate plops
we collect their eggs

Poetikat said...

Driving down the street
Flopsy flies into my path
Untimely roadkill.

(We witnessed this a few years ago - It was sad.)


Woman in a Window said...

Bela, that's so weird. I was just thinking of smurfs this morning!

i'm no Haiku girl
and so i'll bow out this time
scratch my ass and think

devilsivy said...

Easter bunny wears
A pink vest, says young brother
Sister told me so

jozien said...

Thanks Rachel, i need a laugh too :)
As i don't know how to write a haiku i just followed yours.

Mooses moving around
leaving dark easter eggs
for me to find

Spring's wanting to be
Mary's tears drip from rocks
so close, i barely see

daylight's waking me
resurrection's in the air
no more sleeping.. period.

RachelW said...

Kat, that is sad. :( Boohoo! Flopsy should have listened to mum and not tried to cross the road to get into Mr. MacGregor's garden.

Erin, haha!

Cecily, hmm, the wisdom of children...

Jozien, sweet! Yeah, those moose droppings would look great wrapped in a bit of pretty foil.

Haiku's not so hard
you just pick a theme, then write
'til you run out of....

Karen said...

holiday is here
church, food and family fun
Bunny has to hop!

okay, I suck.

Faith said... am not one to write Haiku well -- here is an attempt...

Treasure hunt in grass
big dog's gleeful Sunday walk
leaves only tinfoil.

Maybe not funny for the kids:( Our old dog when I was growing up was very good at leaving the tinfoil off chocolate eggs behind! Naughty pup!

RachelW said...

Heh, it's okay to suck Karen, that's half the fun of it! :)

Faith, that is too funny. When I was growing up, we had a dog who would eat cherries off the nanking cherry tree, leaving only the pits hanging off the stems. For gluttons, dogs are amazingly talented with their lips!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...
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RachelW said...

Let me nibble here
on your ears a little bit
why look so forlorn?

Rikkij said...

my forlorn look
is for my bitten butt
you could not protect

Ghost Dansing said...

green grass grows
egg paint peeks 'tween
spring faeries stalk

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

In the northeast woods
we sometimes hide eggs in snow
Frozen fingers hurt

RachelW said...

Ha! Well done! Rick, ouch... Ghost, that is really magical! And K too, yes, we freeze our fingers egg-hunting every year. You've captured it perfectly.

Meandering Michael said...

Bunny didn't come.
"Why not?" I pause to wonder,
"What's in that dog's mouth?"

Rabbit ears on kids
Parents love how cute it is
Children, not so much

Baskets overflow -->
Children gorge on chocolate -->
Children overflow

A great discov'ry!
But are Easter eggs still safe
Seven months later?

Chocolate egg hunting;
Is this what Easter's about?
Look! Here's another!!!

RachelW said...

You're on a roll, Michael! Every year when I turn the garden, I find brightly foil-wrapped treasures... Are they still safe? Good question! None of us have been poisoned yet.

Julie said...

I'm the worst haiku person in the world, so I'll just be silly:

My mother nags me
to get out of bed for church.
I am so dang tired.

I LOVE the chocolate plops poem. Ha! Ha! I've got to read that one to my little nieces. You're so much fun, Rachel. Have a beautiful weekend:)

RachelW said...

Julie's sleeping in
she had too much fun last night
chocolate overload

:) :)

Abhijit Bhave said...

That was the last time,
..i fell in love .
sighed .. the Rising Sun.