Sunday, April 26, 2009

The empty garden

Neighbours, our thoughts
are interwoven
our paths separate
then converging
in conversation over
imaginary fences
so, can you imagine
my shock
at finding your place
gutted one morning
words swept away
months and months
of steady building
torn down and trucked off
when I wasn’t looking
gone to wherever
these things go to die

-for all the deleted blogs

Rachel Westfall
April 26, 2009


Karen said...

I've thought about this too, Rachel. It as if we really know each other, but then, gone with only the trace of ashes... Odd sort of neighborhood, we have. I like it anyway!

RachelW said...

It's a bit like living in a war zone, isn't it Karen? But without the fear. At least we each individually have control over our own delete button.

Linda S. Socha said...

Amen Rachael.....I like it much better when our neighbors simply tell us they are leaving, gone or will be away for awhile....What a need for connection we all have....even if it is an illusion....perhaps. On the other hand I find myself thinking....perhaps more real here:>)

Aniket said...

I couldn't be more with Linda!

I want to believe in this world much more than the one outside. I've only had a couple of friends who disappeared without saying goodbyes. Hope no one else does. :D

Its a great tribute to them Rachel. If only they were around to read it.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love this, you. The way you have written such, in such a way.

I promise to let you know if and when I decide to 'pop' off!

christopher said...

We Come And We Go

Shall I be strong here
among the few of you who
shift and grow today
and hold together
in this odd bog of good words?

Will it change so soon?

Someone comes, then goes
for sound reasons could I know
but I am not told.
If this is a war
then war is closer to love
than I care to know.

There are so many
places to go in this swirl
of light, as just now
I found another
circle like this gathering
with their own true glow.

Woman in a Window said...

Oh Rachel, it's strange, isn't it? And heartbreaking.

Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

The impermanence of things, I think, is what makes each moment so special. There is a definitely melancholy for each moment gone past – perhaps captured and kept as memories in old recordings, videos, journals and photographs – but, one day, only the classics will survive. It's amazing how all that we experience will one day be relegated to nothingness – our stories, our Art, our passions, our intimacies – but, that is what makes what we have so beautiful.

I really enjoyed this piece…

Faith said...

Beautiful tribute, Rachel. I came so close to deleting my blog before...but I just couldn't. It held too many kind words from other bloggers. I find the history of a person so interesting -- blogs are like diaries... It is hard to imagine wiping them clean. I wonder how many deleted blogs are saved secretly and held onto....

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I love what you say here - and, of course, how you say it! It would be good if people would let us know things -Sometimes, I worry so much about bloggers who haven't been posting for a awhile or commenting. Thanks for the reminder to all of us.

nollyposh said...

So wonderful this piece, because that is exactly how it feels! x

RachelW said...

Linda, yes I too really appreciate the goodbyes! Otherwise, I worry.

Aniket, I think they are around to read it, at least some of them are. :) I've had a few blogging mates disappear in the last little while, but I can't quite believe they are gone for real.

Christopher, so lovely... and yet I felt a chill when I read the last stanza!

Erin, yes...

Minister, welcome, Masochistic Truth. Thanks for your thoughts, and for commenting.

Faith, yes, I am so glad you stuck around! :)

K, yep... I worry too, so yeah I agree, wholeheartedly. It's an odd community, where we know a side of each other, yet most of us have never met in person, and never will... some of us don't even know one another's real names. So there is no way to check up on someone after they go silent.

Nolly, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

feels like it was written for me...

RachelW said...

It was, dear. For the others, too, but yes, most certainly for you. Hence the name... I'm glad you are still around. Please let me know if you set up another place to post your writing, ok?

Anonymous said...

yes i did.

RachelW said...

Thank you Jorc!

Catvibe said...

Jeeze la wheeze, I'm so glad I read this so I could find Jorc again! (Hi Jorc)!

Haunting Rachel...

Anonymous said...

(Hi Cat!)